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We are in the "100 Brightest Companies of Turkey" list

Ege Kimya is in the "100 Brightest Companies of Turkey" list.



100 Brightest Companies of Turkey

Future Exhibitions

Katılacağımız fuarlar

Ege Kimya will participate in the below mentioned shows as an exhibitor. We are continuously improving our brand recognition in these regional events. It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to our booth in these shows which connect the worldwide paint industry.







1.  Middle East Coatings Show

     Date: 19-21 Mar 18

     Hall: 1-4

     Booth: S04

     Location: DWTC, Dubai








2.  Eurocoat

     Date: 27-29 Mar 18

     Hall: 5.2

     Booth: C32

     Location: Paris, France



Official Opening Of Ege Kimya Middle School

Within the framework of our Social Responsibility Policy, we would like to announce our most recent invesment in the field of education; the official opening of “Ege Kimya Middle School.” In conjunction with leading industrial organizations, we remain aware of the importance of modern education and are therefore happy to have made what we hope will be a worthwhile contribution. We hope that others will follow suit.


The construction of Ege Kimya Middle School was started in 2013 and was completed by 2015. Students have been enrolled as of 2015 classes starting in Septemebr 2015. On 30 May 16, Ege Kimya Middle School was officially opened with the participation of our CEO and Board of Directors of Ege Kimya, Provincial Governor of Sakarya (Huseyin Avni Cos) and his wife (Aylin Cos), Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Sakarya (Zeki Tocoglu), Head of Official - Sakarya District (Muhsin Catmadim), Provincial Director of National Education in Sakarya (Mevlut Kuntoglu), Gendarme Commander of Sakarya Province (Colonel Emin Dursun), Mayor of Arifiye (Ali Ufuk Yasar), Aldermans of Sakarya Municipality, Branch Chairperson of Petrol-Is Union of Kocaeli (Salih Akduman), Chairman of Petrol-Is Union of Turkey (Ali Ufuk Yasar), Mukhtars from various regions, teachers, students and parents.


We are thankful for the courtesy and support provided by our participants; and in particular to Mr. Avni Cos and his wife Mrs. Cos.




Ege Kimya Family


You may kindly find below several photographs taken at this event:



ege_kimya_ortaokulu-4.jpg     ege_kimya_ortaokulu-2.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-3.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-1.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-5.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-6.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-7.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-9.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-10.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-11.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-12.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-13.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-14.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-15.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-16.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-17.jpg
  ege_kimya_ortaokulu-18.jpg   ege_kimya_ortaokulu-18.jpg


Ege Kimya welcomed Sakarya BSB Basketball Team
















Turkish Youth Orchestra
Our company has continued to support the Turkish Youth Philharmonic Orchestra's activities in 2015; and helped them enable their successful European summer tour. pdf turkiye_genclik_orkestrasi
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