EGE Kimya offers a range of metal-based catalysts to be used in polyurethane industry. These catalysts can be divided into two groups; first class of which are used in PIR (Polyisocyanurate).

EGECat® 239 and EGECat® 2269 are potassium acetate and potassium octoate solutions in diethylene glycol. Having been known as isocyanate trimerization catalyst, both catalysts promotes isocyanurate reaction and are used in a wide range of rigid foam applications.

The rest of the series are designed to be used in a wide range of applications like CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers) application, high density foam, microcellular and rigid foam.

EGECat® Tin-S, is used especially for flexible foam applications which provide the high gelling effect in the reaction.

EGECat® Bismuth Octoate, is the environmental friendly gelling catalyst which is used in polyurethane applications.

EGECat® Bismuth-S is a selective urethane gelling catalyst, which accelerates the reaction rate and causes rapid gelling. It is a bismuth based catalyst which is more selective than tin and provides better mechanical properties. It can be used as a co-catalyst with a tertiary amine to accelerate the urethane reaction and presents a gradual increase of the viscosity (no induction period of low viscosity as mercury). 

EGECat® Zinc-S is providing the optimal control of the drying properties, both during forced-drying and curing at room temperatures. It is a cross-linking catalyst which enables the modification of the final network, affords tack-free surface. It exhibits synergistic activity in catalyst mixtures as alternative to tin catalysts. It creates improvement in solvent resistance and increases film hardness.

EGECat® Zircon-S is a secondary catalyst which can be placed in company with EGECat 8-S or EGECat Bismuth-S in order to provide longer pot-life and less gassing. It should not placed in PU formulation, consisting of polyether polyols.

EGECat 8-S is a combination of Bi/Zinc carboxylates. It presents a good balance between efficient cross-linking, tack-free surface, less gas bubbles, fewer pin-holes higher gloss and longer pot life. 

EGE Kimya has the technical capability and know-how to produce individual and combined catalyst systems for the performance profiles such as different pot-life and curing time according to customer requirements.