EGE KIMYA offers a range of metal-based catalyst to be used in polyurethane industry. These catalysts can be divided into two group;  first class of which are used in rigid foam application and rest are developed to be used in CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealents, Elastomers) application where there is a tremendeous motivation to replace tin and mercury-based catalyst.


EGECat® 239 and EGECat® 2269 are potassium acetate and potassium octoate solutions in diethylene glycol. Having been known as isocyanate trimerization catalyst, both catalysts promotes isocyanurate reaction and are used in a wide range of rigid foam applications.


The rest of the series are designed to replace tin and mercury-based catalysts in wide range of applications  such as flexible slab stock, high density foams , spray, microcellular and rigid foam.


EGECat® Bismuth-S is a selective urethane gelling catalyst, which accelerate the reaction rate and cause rapid gelling. It is a bismuth based catalyst which is more selective than tin and provides better mechnanical properties. It can be used as a co-catalyst with a tertiary amine to accelerate the urethane reaction and presents a gradual increase of the viscosity (no induction period of low viscosity as mercury).


EGECat® Zinc-S is another catalyst that accelarates the reaction between polyol and isocyanate component, providing the optimal control of the drying properties, both during forced-drying and curing at room temperatures. It is a cross-linking catalyst which enables the modification of the final network, affors tack-free surface. It exhibits synergistic activity with bismuth catalys, improve solvent resistance, increases film hardness. It is offered as an alternative to DBTL an in many cases yielding better properties than DBTL. Use of this product often provies a prolonged pot life at comparable drying times.


 EGECat® Zircon-S has high selectivity and show less gassing and foaming, longer pot life and higher gloss than dibutyl tin dilaurate (DBTL). It exhibits synergistic effect with zinc and bismuth based catalyst and it supports NCO/OH reactions.


EGECat 8-S is a combination of Bi/Zinc carboxylates. It presents a good balance between efficient croos-linking, tack-free surface, less gas bubles, fewer pin-holes higher gloss and longer pot life.