EGEDry® CobaltOct is the strongest oxidant and most active drier available. Cobalt improves the surface drying and used in conjunction with auxiliary driers in oxidatively air-drying coatings. It is used in combination with lead or zirconium (together with calcium) depending on environmentally friendly formulations, and it improves the surface drying as well as through dry. Similarly performing EGEDry® CobaltNeo offers a more environmentally friendly option with respect to EGEDry® CobaltOct due to restricted water solubility.  EGEDry® Cobalt WB is designed for waterborne air-drying coatings. EGEDry® Cobalt HS is designed to be used in low-VOC high solid coatings. Common usage levels are between 0.02% to 0.05% based on metal on vehicle solids. 

EGEDry® Cobalt