Ege Kimya’s next generation cobalt carboxylates offer a solution to paint manufacturers' labelling issue, maintaining all the benefits that cobalt brings on dried coatings films such as hardness, endurance.

Ege Kimya’s innovative solution to current “cobalt octoate” problem in oxidatively air-drying paint sector is EGEDry® Prime, an urethanized cobalt carboxylate polymer diligently designed and produced as in hexylene glycol with 4% cobalt concentration. As the product carries cobalt as a primary drier. It offers label-free solution as polymers are out of REACH Classification. Additionally, the formulating a cobalt carboxylate in the polymeric form resulted in a low-toxic product with the exact performance level as of cobalt octoate, Ege Kimya can prove that EGEDry® Prime is completely low-toxic by numerous toxicological reports from independent laboratories. Thus; this product is a drop-in alternative for those who seek to replace cobalt octoate which has been reclassified as Reprotoxic 1B; H360F (may damage fertility) EGEDry® Prime is now fully commercialized and  approved by various multinational companies.

Ege Kimya has extended and continued its R&D activities to address the issues associated with usage of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in solventborne air-drying coating industry. These issues led our technical team to reformulate EGEDry® Prime in a low VOC solvent. This is, what is now being marketed as EGEDry® Prime LV, an uretanized cobalt polymer with 5% cobalt concentration in ethyl lactate. This product offers no performance difference with respect to EGEDry® Prime except higher cobalt metal concentration with rather environmentally greener solvent and better stability in some circumstances. The following series of products offers alternatives to cobalt octoate and can be used in all type of oxidatively air-drying, solvent and water based oil-modified coatings.

EGEDry® Cobalt Polymer Series