Ege Kimya offers ready-made mix driers with exactly known and pre-determined metal concentration to address issues associated with the transportation and storage. These driers individually designed and produced to overcome specific problems that paint producers face. EGEDry® 138M136 is universal drier combination of Co, Zr, Ca with optimized metal concentration to be employed in all oxidatively air-drying oil-modified coatings. While combination drier EGEDry® 123M1102 offers one-to-one replacement to lead driers, EGEDry® 134M3231 is specifically designed for systems to overcome issues related to high humidity and where improved film hardness is desired.

Ege Kimya has full scientific and technological background to examine and produce any kind of mix driers requested by its customers. For any custom-made mix drier requests, please do send your inquiry to info@egekimya.com .

EGEDry® Mixed Driers