EGEDry® CopperOct is a metal carboxylate that is rather not to be used as drier but as an fungiside in wood impregnation applications. It protects wood from fungie and insects and provides decorative green colour.

EGEDry® LithiumNeo is a multifunctional drier which boost the performance of other driers especially when used in conjunction with cobalt and manganese. It not only works as a through drier especially in high solid coatings but also act as wetting and dispersing agent, as well as being a loss of dry inhibitor when used along with calcium. It is a drier additive as far as low temperature condition is concerned.

EGEDry® BismuthOct is a through drier and can be used to replace zirconium in paint applications where low temperatures and high humidity conditions predominates. It can also be employed in 2K polyurethane coatings applications to replace tin and mercury-based catalyst.

EGEDry® PotassiumOct acts a through drier and used in combination with cobalt and manganese. It carries many properties that Lithium Neodecanoates has including being an effective pigment wetting and dispersing agent, improving loss-of-dry etc.

EGEDry® Speciality Driers