All our employees are expected to show a manner of conduct which ensures our company's cultural integrity, to protect and enhance EGE KIMYA's prestige and corporate reliability.

All employees are obligated to abide by this Code of Conduct.

All stakeholders are expected to abide by business ethics; and implement all principles that support these rules.

Informing all employees of the Code of Conduct, making the necessary effort and showing the leadership required in order to ensure that the employees give the utmost importance to these rules and abide by them; are among the fundamental duties and responsibilities of employees who are in managerial positions.

1. Organizational Culture:

Ege Kimya approaches its suppliers of goods & services as business partners, it does not compromise insofar as righteousness and honesty is concerned and abides by contracts executed. In commercial relations, it fulfills its obligations based on contracts made, on time and to the full extent.

The 'Righteousness' principle is indispensable in Ege Kimya's concept of business transactions. Group companies' relations with each other, with their respective employees, customers, vendors, partners, shareholders and the society at large are maintained on the basis of transparency and honesty.

Ege Kimya fulfills its obligations which are the requirements of its commitment to the laws and codes of conduct under all conditions. In addition, it commits itself to their full implementation. It ensures that matters which arouse suspicion, including violation of laws, regulations, company principles, codes of conduct, are clarified to the fullest extent.

Customer oriented operations are a significant part of Ege Kimya's culture. Ege Kimya believes that its customers’ satisfaction is due to its determination in answering customer needs, its devotion to its code of conduct and the high quality of the products & services it is offering.

2. Social Responsibility:

Ege Kimya, being conscious insofar as its social responsibilities are concerned, accepts being in active in the health, prosperity and happiness of the society as part of its duty.

Ege Kimya voluntarily contributes for a better society and a better environment.

Ege Kimya supports its employees in their participation in social and public activities in order to develop their social responsibility consciousness.

Ege Kimya aims to positively contribute to the lives of children, elderly, women and the disabled. It emphasizes that it is sensitive to these topics. It gives support to developmental projects on these topics.

3. Positive Business Relations, Impartiality and Equal Opportunity:

Ege Kimya pays utmost importance to respectful behavior in its relations with its employees,customers, vendors, partners, shareholders and society in general. It affords the respectful attitude to all individuals and corporate entities in has relationships with.

Ege Kimya, while conducting its operations and transactions, keeps at an equal distance to all public institutions and establishments, non-governmental organizations and political parties without any expectations of any benefits.

Ege Kimya is respectful and committed to all the laws, legislation and regulations of the Republic of Turkey and to human rights.

Ege Kimya takes work ethics, reliability, impartiality and commitment to laws as its fundamental principle in the selection and appointment of individuals such as representatives, lawyers, intermediaries, and consultants.

Ege Kimya refrains from all kinds of relations, impacts and events that will prevent taking impartial, righteous decisions or will give this kind of an image .

Ege Kimya pays importance to diversity of its employees, respects each individuals’ personalities and differences, and ensures this behavior is adopted and implemented by all the employees.

Ege Kimya views suggestions of its employees as an opportunity for the development of the organization and its processes.

Ege Kimya indicates the conditions expected from its vendors in line with its own benefits and in accordance with the concept of trade ethics and evaluates all the offers under equal terms.

4. Relations with Vendors and Competition:

Ege Kimya abides by all the related regulations (law, legislation, provisions, etc.) and the decisions of the competent authorities related to the protection of competition.

Ege Kimya does not make any declarations on the media against its competitors and their executives by giving names.

Ege Kimya never uses unethical or illegal ways to access information related to other companies and prevents its employees from using these methods. However, it sees no harm in using the information of companies that are of public record (web site, price list, advertisement, published text, etc.)

5. Customer Satisfaction:

Ege Kimya rapidly resolves all kinds of problems caused by its operations or during transit, until its products reach its consumer, the company remains accessible in which it prevents its consumers’ from receiving unjust treatment.

Ege Kimya tries to carry out product quality beyond its consumers’ expectations.

Ege Kimya concentrates on creating structures which provides a service with a global and domestic understanding that ensures customer satisfaction, and abides by the customs, habits & the culture of the society it is operating in.

6. Product and Service Quality:

Ege Kimya actualizes rapid and sound growth targets with our corporate identity in full compliance with national and international regulations, by being active in the formation of legal regulations, by ensuring full protection of all our intellectual and industrial property rights.

Ege Kimya executes its activities according to national and international quality standards, abides by the quality certificates it possesses.

7. Employee Rights and Work Safety:

Ege Kimya ensures that the rights of its employees are fully known to them and are provided accurately and on time.

Ege Kimya, besides the business targets and the competitive strength of the company, pays importance to personal development of its employees and takes steps in this direction.

Ege Kimya offers a productive and happy working environment where values like honesty, consistency, respect, reliability, responsibility are dominant; where each employee can express and develop himself/herself.

Ege Kimya supports employees participation in social activities based on voluntary participation.

Ege Kimya undertakes measures for work health and safety with all kinds of necessary equipment and procedures.

8. Maintaining Sustainability:

Ege Kimya, makes investments and manages its existing investments efficiently by keeping sustainable profitability in mind.

Ege Kimya plans andcarries out its operations according to laws and corporate ethics in order to protect company prestige and value.

9. Discrimination and Harassment:

Ege Kimya categorically rejects any of its employees to be harassed or bothered sexually, socially or physically by outsiders or by fellow-employees.

Ege Kimya also refuses to tolerate any psychological harassments, discrimination, ostracism or intimidation of its employees by outsiders or by fellow-employees. Ege Kimya keeps the same distance to all entities,establishments without any discrimination for language, religion, race, gender or culture. It offers a working environment where diversity is tolerated and accepted. Ege Kimya employees are also expected to behave in the same manner.

10. Accuracy in Records:

Ege Kimya prepares all the records of its companies such as financial statements, etc. accurately, fully, in accordance with the related principles and valid rules & regulations. It ensures that the transactions between external establishments and entities are recorded in accordance with all the regulations (law, legislation, provisions, etc.) on time and accurately.

Ege Kimya employees who participate in offers, tender preparations or agreement meetings are responsible for the accuracy and righteousness of all the statements, correspondence and declarations they give to potential vendors.

11. Information Security:

Ege Kimya, while it protects its intellectual properties such as patents, trade secrest, authors’ royalties, names and brands, etc., it also shows the same respect to intellectual property rights of its competitors.

Ege Kimya conceals/protects the information (commercial, personal, etc.) of its vendors, customers, employees and candidates who have applied for a job.

12. Informing of Public Institutions and the Society:

Ege Kimya does not give out wrong, false or deceiving advertisements during its sales and marketing activities, it does not make false statements.

Ege Kimya does its communication with all public institutions on time in accurate and a clear form.

13. Obeying the Laws:

Ege Kimya carries out its domestic and foreign activities, operations within the frame of national and international regulations, presents the information to regulatory institutions and establishments determined by the respective law accurately, fully and clearly.

Ege Kimya does not get involved in activities such as tax evasion, bribe offering, deception of the government on financial reports, etc.

Ege Kimya respects the laws & regulations and social values of every country it operates in and works with the consciousness of social responsibility.

Ege Kimya acts according to all the regulations (law, legislation, provisions, etc.) while purchasing goods and services from vendors.

14. Gift Acceptance and Gift Giving:

Ege Kimya does not hand out gifts that may go beyond the objective of a gift (that may shadow the impartiality of the other party / high financial value) which will put the parties in an awkward position, towards their companies or employees it is in relations with, and it does not accept such gifts.

Gifts that reach the company without the knowledge of the employee will be sent to Company Headquarters with the knowledge of the General Manager and will be distributed to employees during the New Year with a lottery.

15. Environment:

Ege Kimya shows maximum care to protect the environment in both its own works and also in the works of its vendors and business partners.

Ege Kimya uses natural resources and energy resources efficiently and prevents its wastage.

Ege Kimya keeps all types of waste resulting from production activities under control; it acts according to established standards and regulations (ISO, etc.) on this subject.

Ege Kimya researches recycling and reuse options and benefits from these gains in its operations.

Ege Kimya does various activities with the aim to have its employees gain environment awarenes.

16. Responsibility to Notify Unethical Situations:

Ege Kimya cannot be involved in activities that will prevent exposure of unethical transactions, behaviors of its companies and other entities (legal/real). It cannot cover up any kind of corruption. These principles are provided to all employees by including them in the Ege Holding Personnel Regulations in writing against the recipient’s signature; at the same time, it is available to all external parties and communicated and can be accessed on the Internet media. Compliance to these rules is monitored and the compliance in the essence & the spirit thereof is ensured In any possible violations to the Codes of Conduct the "Board of Directors" and the "Discipline Committee" will work together with an aim to put things right and apprehend the necessary party(ies).

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