Ege Kimya, accepts to act with social responsibility in all its operations as one of the fundamental elements of its administrative policy. In this respect, while planning its activities;

Ege Kimya always takes into account its environmental & social responsibilities while carrying out its daily economic activities. We believe that our human resources come first and foremost in our aim for Sustainable Growth while offering our customers high quality and innovative products, technical solutions and services in order to give them an ever increased competitive edge.

In accordance with the laws & regulations of all countries we operate & have customers in; we are maintaining our activities within the frame of respect for human rights and global principles, including those of all our employees.

We conduct all our activities within our Work Health and Safety Policy in order to create a safe and healthy work environment.

With our Humane, Sympathetic and Humble approach; we also try to encourage our employees' relationships with each each other.

We support teamwork and collaboration; encourage everyone involved to be hardworking, disciplined, meticulous and patient.

We act honestly and in fairness to all our employees and we do not discriminate due to language, race, color, gender, religion, sect, political beliefs, age, physical disability or any other similar reasons.

Through or training programs, we support increased social diversity.

We take all necessary measures within the scope of our activities to "Protect the Health" of our employees, we undertake healthy living programs and support in the participation thereof.

We maintain our environmental sensitivities in all our activities at the highest level in line with our Environmental Policy.

On environmental issues, we direct our activities with sensitivity, consciousness; and legal obligations.

We endeavor to decrease our environmental impact, and view the protection of energy and natural resources in our product and process planning and in all our related activities as our priority; and one of our most important duties for a sustainable world.

Within the frame of our social responsibility; we expect all our employees, vendors and institutions & establishments we are in collaboration with to fully implement above-mentioned principles.