Ege Kimya A.S. accepts acting in a socially responsible manner in all its corporate activities; this being one of the fundamental principles of its administration. In this respect, Ege Kimya's activities are carried out taking into account economic & social realities but also bearing in mind its environmental responsibility. For our management and staff, the development of the society we live and work in is an utmost priority. As Ege Kimya; we try to fulfill our responsibilities towards society with the projects we support in different fields such as education, culture, the arts and sports; as we have done for many years. While we reflect the expectations of our stakeholders to all our work processes, we also create our social responsibility and sponsorship projects we support in the direction of these expectations. Our shareholers are naturally directly affected by our business decisions and results; however our social responsibilities also rank very high in their expectations.


1. In 1998 we started our project named "WE ARE “EGE KIMYA”, WE LOVE GREEN".

2. We planted over 2000 Pine, Fir and Spruce saplings on an area of total 120.000 m2 including our factory land located in Arifiye in Adapazari as well as road sides, and cemeteries of nearby villages. Today they have all matured to beautiful young trees.


1. In 2005 we fully sponsored the building of a kindergarten for children under school age in the grounds of the primary school in the vicinity of our factory, within the scope of our "EGE KIMYA SUPPORTS EDUCATION" project. In 2014 we sponsored the construction of a totally new Ege Kimya secondary school with 8 classrooms, for a Junior High School in the area. It is operational since 2015.

2. In 2012 we contributed considerably towards construction materials to support the construction of Sakarya University Arifiye Vocational High School.

3. At the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year we donated notebooks, projectors, photocopiers, interacive blackboards to local schools and continue to make endeavor to assist the local children with their needs.


1. Ege Kimya set aside a part of its factory land to provide for a football pitch covered in artificial lawn. We gave away materials such as Karate materials, Boxing gloves, Badminton rackets & shuttles; various track & field materials etc. for local sports clubs.

2. In 2014 we made contributions to nearby amateur sports clubs for their needs;

  • Sakarya Asagi Kirazca Sports Club
  • Sakarya Karaaptiler Akin Sports Club
  • Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club association, who were all grateful for our help & generosity.

3. In addition, within the scope of our Social Responsibilities requirements, we provided local governmental agencies with their needs for notebook computers, printers, sound systems; telephones and camera equipment. Last but not least; we contributed towards the repairs of the nearby Adapazari Kirazca Neighborhood Mosque.


With the aim to support Culture and the Arts, we sponsored the Turkish Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in its 2013, 2014 and 2015 summer seasons. The orchestra which is made up of over 100 talented young musicians selected from music schools all over Turkey, spend a whole month under the leadership of Maestro Cem Mansur at the Sabanci University campus; where they rehearse and attend master classes & talks and subsequently participate in international youth music festivals mostly in the EU countries. In the past there summers, they took part in such events in Germany, Holland, Italy and were invited to play for the Taromina Opera festival’s “Tosca” in 2014. We are happy to be able to continue this association also in 2015 and after.