Paint driers used in solvent based alkyd paints are presented under EGEDry trade name.

Ege Kimya produces single and mixed paint driers with different metal concentrations and solvent types.

Metal Carboxylates

Environmentally Friendly Cobalt Carboxylate in the Polymeric Form

EGEDry® Prime and EGEDry® Prime LV

EGEDry Prime ve EGEDry Prime LV are innovative products produced by EGE KIMYA know-how.

Prime series products designed by encapsulating cobalt metal in the polymeric structure present an environmentally friendly alternative to users.

Both EGEDry Prime ve EGEDry Prime LV are REACh exempt thanks to their polymeric structure. Based on the tests carried out by independent laboratories, both products proved to have very low bioavailability that results in low toxicity.

EGEDry Prime LV has lower viscocity and is designed as to be dissolved in ethyl lactate, a biodegradable solvent with low VOC degredation products.

Both EGEDry Prime ve EGEDry Prime LV are drop-in replacements for cobalt octoate and perform at the level of traditional cobalt octoate.

EGEDry Prime ve EGEDry Prime LV are patented products of Ege Kimya.

EGEDry Prime contains 4% cobalt and EGEDry Prime LV contains 5% cobalt.

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